UKWC History

The University of Kentucky Woman's Club was established in 1909 as the "Ladies of the Faculty of the State University.”  In 1920, the Club adopted the current name, “The Woman’s Club of the University of Kentucky,” and membership was open to faculty wives and any woman connected with the teaching or the executive force. In recent years, membership has expanded to include any woman who supports “our goals to provide social contact, offer cultural opportunities, provide supportive services to students, and help advance the best interests of the University.”

The strength of women working together, supporting each other and reaching out to the community for over 100 years in times of prosperity or frugality, is its hallmark. A detailed history of the Club was prepared as a part of the Club's Centennial Celebration in 2009, titled 90 Years: A Bridge To The Future.  The Anniversary Committee led by President Davis Gardner (1999-2000) and including past presidents from 1960-2000.

Our theme for the centennial year was: 100 Years: A Century of Service. To mark that milestone, and to complete the history, the article, 1999-2009: The First Decade of the New Millennium, was written by past presidents Sally Leukefeld (2000-2001, 2004-2005, 2007-2008) and Jean Miller (2010-2011).